Best pizza Amsterdam at YamYam Trattoria

At YamYam Trattoria you are at the right address for the best pizza Amsterdam. Pizza baker Johan Vogelaar talks about his great love for pizza's.

YamYam Trattoria Pizzeria originated in 1996. Johan accidently fell in love with an Italian from Rome. "Even more coincidentally, her family was in the catering industry in Rome, in the famous district of Trastevere. I lived there for a while and was able to work in their bakery and pizzeria in order to gain experience with Italian cuisine. I learned to make pretty thin pizzas in Rome that you can eat everywhere. I fell in love with that style (as opposed to Naples where they make quite thick pizzas, also delicious by the way).”

“Then, back in Amsterdam West, I started YamYam Trattoria Pizzeria. Because of my love for pizza making, I decided to install a real pizza oven: you could say a innovative move since it was the first pizzeria with a wood oven in Amsterdam West. The first YamYam pizza, baked in 1999, was a really special experience for us. "

pizza YAMYAM: best pizza Amsterdam

“I will tell you how we make the best pizza Amsterdam. The pizza dough is made at least 1 day in advance and turned into spheres. It therefore has fermentation and ripening time of 24 hours. This is necessary to develop a good soil. The ingredients are: flour (from a "Molino" from Italy), water, yeast, sourdough, salt and oil. We only use authentic Italian ingredients when preparing. We are talking about (buffalo) mozzarella, salami's, tomato sauce, olive oil, other Italian cheeses and wines. ”

“By far our most popular pizza is the YamYam. Probably because it is a combination of traditional smoked ham, truffle sauce, parmesan cheese, mozzarella and tomato sauce. In other words: lots of flavours on one pizza. Why is it seen as the best pizza Amsterdam West? By the purity of the ingredients you will get the Mediterranean feeling. And it is also not expensive; you can eventually eat and drink under 20 euros at YamYam if you want. ”

"Because of my love for pizza making, I decided to install a real pizza authentic oven, the first one in Amsterdam West".

APART FROM best pizza Amsterdam ALSO SPECIAL pasta’s

“At YamYam, besides our pizza, the pastas are also very popular. It is not like those common pastas as you find in most Italian restaurants but special pasta that is something else: inspired by dishes from Sicily (where I often went on holiday and still go) and also from Rome where I worked b”.


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